Match Land Review

Match field was a bit fluffy for those who like the match game 3 Puzzle Quest. That does not mean it is boring. Far from there. Instead, this is the kind of game you can love and achieve something without feeling like you have to devote hours and hours. Of course, there is grind, but you still have to feel like it was headed somewhere – but a little slower than before.

There is a story that is very loose Matchmaker earth, and that might not please vegetarians. Your mission is to fight and capture a creature that you can then use as an ingredient in your food store. This may not sound too appetizing, but match field has managed to keep it funny and light. What this means is that players are two different forms of the game, somehow and get Madden Mobile 17 hack here.

On the one hand, you are building new stores, each offering a timer. When time runs out, you get a set of coins that can be used to improve your team. And updating your team is essential at the heart of the game – the fight.

After the match-3 conventional format, you play through different stages, trying to get the 3 star importance. The match is done on a timer that is long enough, which means you have plenty of time to think about each move. Planning and strategy are important here. Make a good move at the bottom of the screen, for example, and you can always disable the motion combo. It is a concept that is already known but never less satisfying when you make a series of attacks that are very impressive.

You can also perform special attacks using many tiles of the same color, but very attractive compared to other games. Of course, they cause a lot of damage, but this is quite an experience out of hand. It is much more fun to work on a layer of things so you can get a great combo attacks.

Outside the level, you can spend some time to align your people through a mix of chips and coins, making the process a little more complicated than it actually is.

The format continues like this for hundreds of levels. You will find a pattern, but the same format applies. Land games require some setbacks. After a few levels, you will find yourself failing miserably in the following situation. The game allows to show that repeats the previous level is a great way to develop strength and level. It is true, but you might feel a little suspicious of how difficult the land game you keep repeating.

That’s fair enough. Madden Mobile land however offers a fair freemium elements. There is a limit to the energy system how you can often play levels. It is generous enough at first, but you will come to a wall that is inevitable at the end. There are also many things you can buy to level more quickly or enjoy more coins. The land is not to force the game, you are more likely to spend a few dollars, but you have to be wary.

In the end, it is polished means that you will feel more fascinated to throw away a lot of money. The ground may not be a match-3 game of most imaginative Madden Mobile game out there, but very fun and you tend to come back.

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