Street Fighter V New Gameplay Mechanics

Surprising indeed. After being claimed to have no funds for the development process, Capcom suddenly introduced Street Fighter V to the public. With a release for the exclusive console for Playstation 4, Street Fighter V is also ensured for PCs with cross-play capabilities. True, PC and PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to compete in the same online arena. The initial trailer and screenshots released by Capcom also show a promising visualization. So, what about the aspect of his own gameplay? No need to wait long, little initial image finally shown via Capcom Cup 2014 which has just been held and get roblox hack robux free .

Capcom finally showed the live demo of the early form of Street Fighter V to the public via the event. Through a direct battle between Ryu and Chun-Li, there are some basic mechanical changes that are of course interesting to look at. One of the most interesting is the number of EX Bar between  rolbox and Chun-Li are different, as well as the emergence of a new bar called – Revenge under the names of the characters. This Revenge bar seems to be the ultimate resource for doing super moves.

Not only that, some new attack animations and different hit / combo numbers compared to the previous series are also shown here. Which is more surprising? Capcom seems to annul the “Chip Damage” system in this latest series. At the live demo stage shown, Chun-Li’s look with health bars so thin did not die even in a position to fend off Hadouken Ryu’s attacks several times.

While from the visual side, there is a significant change apart from the ink visual style of Street Fighter IV that seems to remain the main inspiration for this latest series. In addition to the cinematic camera placement is more cool when doing Super, the stage now also feels more spacious and interactive. The destructive attack at the end of the stage can open new areas, making the battle arena even longer. Funny thing is, Capcom also injects a bit of “joke” in it. Chun-Li is pressed and thrown to the end of the stage seen falling down and noodles spilled overhead. Next Stage? The bowl of noodles will continue to hold on to the head even when fighting! Extra cosmetic features are worth anticipating, of course.

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