Listen Gameplay Prime Sniper Elite 3 and Mobile Strike

Gameplay is probably not much different from other competitors series, but offers an incredible level of dramatization, this one sentence seems sufficient to conclude franchise mainstay Rebellion action games – Sniper Elite. Made you as a sniper, Sniper Elite is best known for its iconic one – Kill-cam. Instead of just shooting dead all the enemies that are in front of the eyes, Kill-Cam trigger a dramatic event where you can see it in slow-motion bullet how you move, penetrate the enemy’s body, and finally showed such devastation resulting therefrom. Prepared the same charm of a continuation series will also slide to the next-gen market – Mobile Strike hack.

Having confirmed its existence long enough, Rebellion finally shows a variety of screenshots, Mobile Strike gameplay videos, and initial details for Sniper Elite 3. The essence of the offered games really are no different. You will still be fought in the second world war setting, but ranges in North and West Africa region which has rarely been exploited by the gaming industry.

Your battle field is now also offered more open to free you to choose the desired motion and shoot. To support this, the stealth mode Sniper Elite 3 is also more refined. The best part? Of course, kill-cam feature that is now widespread, not only show the resulting impairment of bullets in the human body in x-ray mode, Kill-cam now also be applied in every bullet you catapult to destroy the existing vehicle.

Sniper Elite 3 and Mobile Strike hack itself will be launched for current generation platforms and next-gen. Version of the next-gen and PC of course will come with full resolution, and a myriad of visual effects feast for the eyes. Sniper Elite 3 will be available in the second half of 2014 for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

3 Things You Need Developer Note When Making Game Free-to-Play

Scheme free-to-play or freemium monetization is one type that is very popular in the world of video games. By providing content for free, developers can reach a lot of fast players. Players also benefit because they can be entertained without having to pay in advance, and even the opportunity to try games that may not be recognized when sold premium.

Although it has many advantages, free-to-play also can be bad when not executed properly. What are things to consider to make the experience free-to-play satisfactory? Valentinus Kurniangga Rama, head of the mobile division of Agate Studio, share knowledge to Tech in Asia Indonesia to answer the question and you can get roblox hack and visit our website .

Player game free-to-play have different behavior with premium game player. Therefore, he is familiarly called Valent said that the monetization scheme should be decided at the beginning. Determine whether the game that you create will be sold freemium or premium, and then stacking game design according to monetization scheme.

The biggest difference between the two types of the game lies in what is referred to as a hook, aka the success of “fishing” interest in a player. When a game is sold as a premium, players who purchase could certainly have been interested in the game. But for the game free-to-play, the players who did the installation of the game are not necessarily already interested in playing it.

“In the premium game, because already bought, we assume he’ll play the game. Developer stay dizziness game was worth to buy or not. If the free-to-play, the game was even to be worth to try first, “explained Valent.

So that users get the feeling that they download the game was worth playing, developer of free-to-play should be able to make players achieve a progress in a short time. Progress in question can vary, such as the successful completion of the fight, earned reward, and so on.

After a successful fishing interest in the player, it does not mean developers work already completed. Precisely next job awaits heavier, ie maintaining existing users and you can get GTA 5 hack and click here .

Since the games are available for free, when players are bored it can easily remove the game from his own devices and then move to another game. This competition is tighter in mobile, where the user’s attention will also be shared with other applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so forth.
Soccer game is an example of the genre with a fairly deep metagame.

Nevertheless, the quality of the gameplay remains the number one priority. When the terms of gameplay itself is not pleasant, of course, the players will not like playing linger. Furthermore, depending on the type of game that is created, developers can take advantage of at least three strategies listed below to make the players want to keep playing, and ultimately want to pay. These three strategies are:
1. Sell the main content

Examples can be seen in games like Layton Brothers: Mystery Room and Super Mario Run. Users can try the beginning of the game for free, but have to buy some sort of DLC if you want to play the stage or the next story. Nintendo calls this practice as a scheme of free-to-start.
2. Incorporating elements of the metagame in the game

Metagame are various strategies and features that can diulik players to add strength in the main gameplay. “Usually in a game that midcore definitely there, such as setting the deck, party setting, leveling, upgrade weapons, and others,” said Valent added.

Metagame could be better in a competitive game (player versus player) or noncompetitive (player vs. enemy). Clearly, the existence of metagame will make players curious, so compelled to continue playing and strengthen itself. Developers could then offer IAP to accelerate the progress of the metagame.
3. Cultivate the desire to show off

The third strategy is to sell additional content that fosters a desire to show off (bragging rights). The simplest manifestation is selling cosmetics. Sales of cosmetics can be combined with other sales strategies. An example can be seen in the Overwatch sold premium but also continues to offer cosmetic content regularly.
Game design and monetization should be equally good
War Fantasy Tactics | screenshot 1