COD 4: Modern Warfare Also Get Remastered Version? & Super Mario Run

Talk genre First-Person Shooter, of course one of the series that immediately appeared in the minds of the gamers is Call of Duty. Yes, COD is very successful to attract the hearts of Super Mario Run gamers with gameplay and the storyline is captivating.

Given the remastered projects of popular titles in the past are rife in the video game industry, it’s no wonder there will be one of several Call of Duty series on the list.

Sure enough. When asked about the possibility of the presence of a remastered version of the previous COD game, the Activision also seemed to give a positive signal. The CEO of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg, mentioned that his team was considering some COD games for a similar project.

“If done correctly, I think (remaster) can be amazing. You talk about nostalgia, and gamers have connections with games they love in the past. They want to see what the Super Mario Run online hack  game looks like if someone makes it right for the present, “Hirshberg said.

Interesting news, the most powerful series likely to be made remastered version is COD 4: Modern Warfare. Undeniably of the many COD game series, the first Modern Warfare is one of the best.

“I really want to play the first Modern Warfare 1 or Black Ops (in the remastered version). (This) is not an announcement, but this is something we always talk about and consider, “he added.

Yes, keep in mind that Hirsberg has not confirmed about the remaster project because there has been no decision from the Activision. Even so, it’s interesting to look forward to what COD 4: Modern Warfare 4 looks like in a remastered version. What do you think?

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