How to clean and restore garden furniture

Your garden furniture may be a bit rundown, but do not give up for now. It may take an afternoon to change it from the boring to the charming. It’s satisfying and easy to do, and that means you do not need to water anything new, save hundreds of pounds.

Our guides looked at different types of furniture and explained how to clean it without causing any damage. We also have many tips on how to restore garden furniture, whether it’s a rusted wrought iron table or a patented teak chair.

It can be left in the garden year-round, although it ends with a silver gray finishing. To clean it after a long winter, start by removing all the dirt, dust and cobwebs that have accumulated with a stiff bristle brush.

If your hardwood furniture is a few years old and is old with silver, you can return it to its original color using special products such as Restrin Park Furniture Cuprinol. The paint and wood will begin to lighten the color. Work on wood with abrasive pads, let it work for 15 minutes, then rinse and visit here

If you have not implemented a conservator, your next job is to clean your furniture with soapy water. Rinse and dry properly, and a little surface sand to remove the weathered area.

Now it’s time to protect your wood. This should be done every season. Teak oil will protect your hardwood furniture from the elements and make them look new. Using a cloth, apply oil gently and follow the granules. You can add more than one layer of oil, but make sure it dries completely before applying the next one.
How to clean plastic garden furniture

Outdoor plastic furniture is weatherproof, but may change color. Therefore it is best to keep it in the outbuildings or warehouses during the winter. If your warehouse has a window, make sure the furniture is covered with a protective sheet so the sun can not whiten the color.

When you are ready to use your furniture, rinse with warm and stained water and a little bleach to remove stubborn dirt or stains. Use a sponge instead of something abrasive, so as not to scratch or mark the surface, and rinse thoroughly before the furniture dries. Finally, add a clear car wax protector layer.
How to clean wrought iron garden furniture

Wrought iron tables and chairs can live outdoors throughout the year, but tend to rust. You can keep it in perfect condition by refreshing paint with special paint and you can get on botanica garden center .

Before painting, remove all rust marks with iron wool, but continue slowly. Brush all the dirt that should sand the paint surface once it is dry. Scrub it all with soapy water, then sand and retouch rust stains with enamel paint. If you feel lazy, Hammerite Direct Metal Rust Paint can be painted directly on rust.

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