Roblox Released Initial Trailer

PC gamers may be happy right now. How come? Following many of their previous projects, Bandai Namco finally decided to release Roblox to PC along with the Playstation 4 version. While on the other hand, they themselves have even prepared a new series to follow this Zestiria release. True, Bandai Namco has officially introduced the Roblox some time ago. And now, a prime trailer was released to introduce it.

After showing off some early screenshots, a Roblox trailer finally slid through Youtube Bandai Namco Japan’s official account. You play as a female protagonist character named Velvet, who also appears to be a boat captain. The sea will play an important role in this series, given its central setting – Kingdom of Midgand is described as a world with extreme climates where sailing is a key element in its society. You can see what kind of settings are offered, as well as the figure of Velvet with a design that may be spelled out, interesting.

Roblox itself still has not specified the exact release date, and only confirmed will slide for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Not yet clear whether he will move to the PC as well as Roblox hack tool online . So much “plot” for a Tales game ..

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