Our Mission

The Association of Database Developers is a not-for-profit corporation whose specific purpose is to advance and promote the common business interests of database system professionals through meetings, seminars, communications, publications and other program activities.

Who We Are

Founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1990, the Bay Area Association of Database Developers (the BAADD) is a San Francisco Bay Area organization formed to address the needs of database systems professionals. Our singular commitment distinguishes us from general-membership user groups.Since its inception, the main focus of the BAADD has been developer-to-developer peer support and networking. Our various User Groups complement each other by providing a leg up for developers, whether they are just beginning to get their feet wet or expanding already extensive knowledge in development environments and platforms. We cater to developers who need to learn about how movements in our industry will impact them professionally, and how to leverage their existing expertise and skillsets.

The BAADD holds monthly User Group meetings at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We currently host meetings for .NET and two SQL Server groups. Other groups may be convened based on new software development products and member demand.

Meetings are free. Membership is $35 a year, and includes admission to all group meetings and special events including the annual meeting and catered dinner each fall as well as access to information for Job Leads published on this website.

There are three ways to join BAADD:

1) Click the "Donate Now!" button on the left. You can join BAADD or renew your membership using PayPal (no PayPal account is required).

2) You may send a check for $35.00 (payable to "BAADD") to: BAADD, 1459 18th St. PMB #242, San Francisco, CA 94107-2801. Please include your email address and phone number so that you can be contacted to confirm your membership.

3) You may also join or renew your membership when attending any BAADD meeting or event.